I am not an expert in Taoism and I don’t live in New York City, but the idea of The Urban Taoist came about because once I abandoned religion as a way to explain the world, I needed a philosophy. It turned out Taoism was it. But Taoism is often perceived as a thing you do in nature, on the top of a mountain. Nature makes me break out in hives, and also I am down here in the mud, dealing with deeply serious shit that I struggle to find peace with. No mountaintops here.

The first rule of Taoism is that when you talk about Taoism, you’re not talking about Taoism, because the thing that you can describe is not the Tao. I get that, but I like to talk, or at least to write, and I thought it would be nice to meet like-minded people. That’s hard if all you ever do is shut up and meditate.

This is not an expert, how-to website. I am just writing about what it is like trying to be in flow even when life is hard and stupid and beautiful.

You can find out more about me at www.jenniferlawler.com.